Please find detailed descriptions of our successful Ministers below.

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Bukola Bekes

Bukola Bekes, a gifted gospel singer from Lagos State, Nigeria, emerged as a choir leader in her youth, composing songs for religious events. Her captivating performances earned her recognition as an influential gospel artist and worship leader. Married to fellow musician Damilola, she leads her band, "Olubukunola Bekes and The Paradise Minstrel," performing across Africa.

As a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Mass Choir, she continues to lead during monthly services. Renowned for sharing stages with gospel greats, her inspiring journey reflects talent, faith, and devotion, evident in her touching albums and dedication to spreading the message of hope and love.


Limoblaze is a Nigeria born Christian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor who has always been unashamed of his faith and his walk with Jesus. He was born and raised in Makurdi Benue state.

He started recording music professionally in 2013, He is known for his albums "Blind" and "Before Now" released respectively in 2016 and 2018.

He has featured and have been featured by a couple of international artists. His music style is timeless, He has had nominations and have won awards both locally and internationally including Afro - Pop artist of the year in the recent AGMMA.

Simply Andy

From growing up, Andy Sarfo has always been a performer. He would gather pots and pans and perform to them regularly from the the age of 5 years in while growing up in Ghana, West Africa.

It was on coming to the UK at the age of 10 where his passion for the arts was recognise through church activities where Andy would sing and dance his way through youth meetings, setting up of instruments and every opportunity given.

At the age of 12, Andy released a music album in his native language of Twi and toured nationwide singing on any stage that was available to him.

Andy then became part of a musician collective where he would write and produce music, sing, rap, act, while perfecting each of these craft to become the all round performer we know and love today.

This era in Andy’s journey birthed the entertainer.

Since then, Andy has gone on to spark change in his community by launching an initiative against gun and knife crime, working alongside award winning acts like Guvna B, FaithChild and more.

2017 saw Andy awarded the Best Wedding MC award for his efforts and dedication to Hosting.

Our minister Faith Child

Faith Child

Faith Child is a MOBO and multi-award winning South London rapper and one of the UK’s top Contemporary Christian Artists.

Being a seasoned performer, Faith has performed to crowds in intimate settings of 50 people, as well as to larger audiences in excess of 50,000 across the UK, Europe, America and Africa for dignitaries and music lovers alike.

Passionate about showing the relevance of Christianity and 21-century living, Faith Child fuses the bible with the beats to share his faith with the masses.

Our minister Faith Child

Lucy Grimble

Lucy Grimble, a talented singer-songwriter and worship leader based in London, UK. With over 10 years of experience, Lucy has been captivating audiences with her soulful voice and heartfelt songs, both as a solo artist and with her skilled band of musicians and singers.

Her passion in worship is to create a space where people can encounter the love of God. Through her music, she aims to unite hearts and inspire a deeper love for God, oneself, and others.

As a full-time artist, Lucy has already released several records and has exciting plans for more in the future. She also enjoys teaching workshops on songwriting and worship. 

Peterborough Community Gospel Choir

Peterborough Community Gospel Choir (PCGC), founded in 2002 by Errol Ballantyne, uplifts the community with gospel music. Inclusive to all, it fosters confidence and connections through singing. PCGC performed at weddings, charity events, and prestigious venues like Burghley House.


Choir Director Errol ran workshops for prisoners, mental health patients, and schools, leaving a positive impact.


Their proudest moment came in 2013, breaking the Guinness World Record with 1169 singers in a mass choir. Celebrating their 15th year, PCGC continues to spread the joy of gospel music, touching hearts and inspiring unity among diverse audiences. Congratulations to PCGC on this milestone achievement!

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